I was participating in an NCTE Twitter chat (#NCTEchat) tonight and saw a tweet which really made me stop and think. The author was Megan Dincher – @mdincherteach. She said, “I also recognize that I’m finding writing to be more difficult than usual on some days right now, so I’m trying to give my students that grace, too.”

I keep thinking about this tweet since I saw it almost three hours ago and the idea of extending grace to students during this time.

This is a really difficult time for adults.

This is a really difficult time for teachers.

This is a really difficult time for students.

This is a really difficult time for everybody.

It’s important right now to remember that nobody has the perfect playbook for how people should feel and respond during this pandemic. There is no book, journal article, or tweet which can give us the perfect answer for how to deal with this pandemic as educators and humans. Ms. Dincher’s tweet and the importance of grace during these trying times, however, might help everybody get through this stronger than when it started.

The world would be a better place with a little more grace extended to everybody. Thanks for remind me of that, Ms. Dincher!