Three for the Week

Saturdays are my time to reflect on what I read, heard, and discussed throughout the week. It is my “exit ticket” for the last seven days. So here are three ideas that made me think this week. (They are not in any particular order.)

1 – Edutopia published an interesting article on literacy conferences. One of the hesitations teachers have with one-on-one conferences is the time it will take to conduct them. The author addressed that concern. “Before I began using conferencing, I rarely left school without a bag full of papers or tests to grade. Conferencing shifts some of the time teachers spend on grading to conversations that take place in class.” They are also shared ideas about getting conferences up and running.

2 – This article explores the idea that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. There is growing research questioning the long held belief that breakfast is king. If you know anybody who has tried intermittent fasting, you are probably familiar with eating windows which usually eliminate breakfast. It’s an interesting read.

3- This is such a wonderful story. A boy asked his girlfriend to the prom. His girlfriend, however, is blind, so the young man created an invitation for her in braille using Hershey Kisses. We need more of this in the world!